Directions from Chattanooga

Directions to The Wilderness

From I-75 in Georgia (Atlanta):

From I-75 in Alabama from the south (Birmingham):

From I-59 in Alabama from the north (Chattanooga):

From I-59 in Alabama from the north (Chattanooga): Click here for a pdf of this map

1. Take Interstate 59 south from Chattanooga. Take the Valley Head/Hammondville exit which is exit 231. (From this exit you will be approximately 25 minutes away.)

NOTE: For the most part you will follow signs for DESOTO STATE PARK on County Road 117.

2. Turn LEFT (east) at the exit and follow County Road 117, for 1.1 miles to the stop sign in Hammondville, which is still County Road 117 plus County Road 11.


3. Turn RIGHT at the stop sign. Go 0.1 miles to the yellow flashing light at Shorty’s Restaurant.


4. Turn LEFT at the yellow flashing light and continue following County Road 117. Go 4.2 miles. You will travel through Valley Head. NOTE: When another road forks off to the right you will stay left on County Road 117 . You will go over a railroad bridge, climb up Lookout Mountain and then come to a flashing yellow light as soon as you get to the top. Welcome to Mentone, Alabama!


5. Turn RIGHT at the yellow flashing light, which is County Road 89. Go 5.6 miles along the scenic brow road. Don’t rush this drive as it is winding and very scenic in the daytime. Continue on to where County Road 89 turns left. (From here you will be less than 10 minutes away.) *ALTERNATE directions below.


6. Turn LEFT onto County Road 89 still following signs to DESOTO STATE PARK. NOTE: The next time you see a sign for DeSoto State Park you will not take the turn. Go. 2.1 miles to County Road 625.


7. Turn RIGHT onto County Road 625 and go 0.8 miles.

family 219

8. Turn RIGHT (actually go straight) onto County Road 626, which is a dirt road.Go 0.8 miles to the end of the dirt road.

family 221

9. You will see the entrance to The Wilderness at the end of County Road 626 (driveway on the right just past the mailboxes).


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Continue on through Mentone.

Turn RIGHT at East River Road, which is also County Road 177.

Turn LEFT at the “T”. (Continue following County Road 177.

Go 1 short block and take the first RIGHT, which is still following County Road 177. Go 1.1 miles to County Road 165. (I don’t think it is marked ast County Road 165, but it is the first stop sign you will come to.

Turn RIGHT onto County Road 165, and go 6 miles to County Road 625.

Turn LEFT onto County Road 625. Go 1 mile.

Turn RIGHT (actually you will go straight as the road you’re on takes a sharp left) onto County Road 626. Go 0.8 miles to the end of the dirt road. The Wilderness is at the end on your right, just past the mailboxes.