The Farmhouse

by Bobbie Zakary

What an interesting house. One of the fun things we have done here is play SARDINES. Fun game, and this is a fun house to play it.

When we first bought The Wilderness in 2004, the Farmhouse is where the six of

us lived. It’s quite a large house, but when we moved in there were only three bedrooms and three bathrooms. We had to make do.

Opening up the old staircase to the attic.
Garage Conversion – Before

Way back in September of 2005 we converted the two car garage into: three more bedrooms, another bathroom and a family room. Now the Farmhouse has twenty-seven rooms.





The Music Room
The Music Room

North Wing:

  • Entry
  • Music Room
  • Dining Room
    • The Tower Bedroom
    • The Landing
    • The Tower Bathroom


The Farmhouse Kitchen
The Farmhouse Kitchen

West Wing:

  • Kitchen
  • Screen Porch
  • Bathroom/Laundry Room
  • The Garden Bedroom
  • Second Kitchen



South Wing:

  • Dressing Room
  • Tiki Hut (needs to be renamed)
  • Girl’s Bathroom
  • Jane Austen Bedroom

East Wing:

  • Game Room
  • Green Room
  • Boy’s Bathroom
  • Family Room
  • Jolly Roger Bedroom
    • Shipwreck Bedroom
    • The Quarterdeck
    • The Captain’s Quarters
  • Stone Room

Middle of the House:

  • Library
    • The Costume Closet
The Shipwreck before
The Shipwreck – before







$275 a night, plus a cleaning fee of $100, plus a 7% lodging tax. Two night minimum.

Please note: no pets and no smoking