The 20 acres where we are located was 120 acres and our 20 was sold off. We bought the property at an auction in 2004.

The Girl's Bay
The Girl’s Bay at the Bunkhouse

The Bunkhouse  sleeps up to 50, with 25 on each side: the girl’s bay and the boy’s bay. Each bay has a bathroom with four stalls, four sinks and four showers. We require a chaperone be assigned to each bay, each night.

The Chapel downstairs
Downstairs at the Chapel

The Chapel and the Bunkhouse are the same building, with the Chapel downstairs and the Bunkhouse upstairs.

It doesn't look like this would have 27 rooms, does it?
The Farmhouse.

The Farmhouse is over one hundred years old. It has 27 rooms: seven bedrooms (The Tower, the Garden Bedroom, the Tiki Hut, the Shipwreck, the Jane Austen room, the Jolly Roger, and the Green Room), four bathrooms: one with a washer and dryer; a kitchen, a second kitchen (which is really just one very large kitchen), a dining room, a screen porch, a music room, a family room, which my husband calls the “Adventure Room”; two attic rooms: the Captain’s Quarters (not completed yet, well actually it’s not even started yet) and the costume closet; the front entry, two landings, the library, a dressing room, the Game Room, the Stone Room and the  . . . well I can’t remember the other. Whew! That’s a lot of rooms.

The Black Bear Cottage
The Black Bear Cottage

The Black Bear Cottage is where two of our children are living just now. And, when the other two return for school breaks they stay there too.

Forget-Me-Knot Cottage
The Forget-Me-Knot Cottage

The Forget-Me-Knot Cottage is our honeymoon cottage. Look in the bathroom for stamped hearts on the wall where couples have left their names and an special date.

The Cherokee Rose Cottage
The Cherokee Rose Cottage

The Cherokee Rose Cottage is our latest renovation. We lived in this cottage for a few years as the family got smaller as the children left home. This cottage has a washer and dryer also. And, on the back porch is a large hot tub.

We are currently living in the Mountain Meadow Cottage. It is the smallest cottage with one bedroom, and one bathroom. Cozy, I think is the word.

The Meadowlark Cottage is not ready yet, but it too is small. We might double the size, or we might move it into the woods, not sure yet.

Here is a map of the property.

A view of the pond.